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This page provides discussion of test results, notes and supplementary information for the lineages on the Patriarchs Page. And to help all researchers by showing:

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  • anecdotes which may assist in research
  • brick wall information
  • explanation of interpretation of results
Family Group 1

MALE Markham M-18 has been linked into family group 1 based upon timeline and DNA results.
As an example of genealogical DNA matching, this particular case shows it working well, with little ambiguity. Due to a mutation of one allele, logic alone dictated the exact relationship.

The determining factor in resolving this family relationship has been the mutation of allele CDYb; two members having value 41, whilst all others are 40. In order to more clearly explain the finding, the family group has here been colour coded to highlight the two different strains of Allele CDYb (No 35)  Blue = 41   Orange = 40

It was the return of member M-18's results which provided the key to determining when the mutation in this family line occured. And it must be noted, traditional research provided the time line to place his branch of the family. The NCA (Nearest Common Ancestor) of two individuals with identical allele values will necessarily have the same values. (Assuming in this short time frame that there hasn't been a value mutate twice.)

The NCA of M-5 & M-18 is John Markham 1764. The NCA of M-2 & M-6 is Nathaniel E Markham 1783.
So the mutation from 41 to 40 must have occured in Nathaniel E Markham being the son of John Markham.
Grant Marcum 1938 has the same values as M-2 & M-6, with the exception of allele 448 (No 20). This mutation occured at some point between and including his great grandfather, Joseph Harrison Marcum 1846 and himself.

Arthur Markham II, b bet 1720-1730, d aft 1791
John Markham, b 1764, d aft 1845
Nathaniel E Markham, b c1783, d Aug 1884
Jesse E Markham, b Mar 1808, d c1900
Benjamin Richard Markham, b 2 May 1835, d 16 Mar 1914
Walter Allen Markham Sr, b 5 Sep 1885, d 2 Jun 1949
Walter Allen Markham Jr, b 29 Jan 1911, d 30 May 1995
Thomas Allen Markham Sr M-2
Josiah Markham, b c1787-90, d 1842
Leftridge E Markham (aka. Alexander Leftridge) b 27 Dec 1818
George Washington Markham, b 2 Oct 1858
Robert Smith Markham, b 4 Sept 1892
Philip Nathan Markham, b 11 Mar 1930 M-5
Alfred Marcum, b cir 1824
Joseph Harrison Marcum, b 31 Aug 1846, d 8 Dec 1926
Joseph Clint Marcum, b 7 Sep 1887, d 11 May 1960
Roy Marcum, b 17 Oct 1917, d 23 Jul 1988
Grant Marcum, b 26 Aug 1938 M-24
George M Marcum, b 1 May 1856, d 3 Sep 1931
Charles Robert Marcum, b 19 May 1880, d 29 Dec 1949
Warren Franklin Marcum, b 13 Aug 1921M-6
John Warren Marcum, b 2 Mar 1883, d 2 Sep 1973
Samuel L Marcum, b 1 Jun 1906, d 20 Jan 1969
Roy Fred Marcum, b 18 Aug 1936, d 16 Oct 1968
Tammy Marcum, b 12 Oct 1965 M-1
Thomas Markham, b 1790, d 31 Mar 1854
William H. Markham, b 1822
John Wesley Markham, b 4 Oct 1848, d 1817
George Thomas Markham, b 23 Feb 1876, d 24 May 1914
Everette J. Markham (by Ida), b 18 Sep 1905, d 15 Jul 1999
Judi Contact
Alva Lawrence Markham (by Ida), b 19 Dec 1910, d 17 Aug 1984
MALE Markham M-18
There is a proviso to this explanation:
The discovery of a previously unknown brother to John Markham for example, could place the NCA of M-18 a generation higher; unlikely, but possible.

Pamela Hutchison "Pam" Garrett [pamhutgar AT]
Bernard Markham, m Rebecca Briscoe
Site: (Entrance)
John Markham was born about 1700 in county Kilkenny Ireland, son of Bernard Markham and Rebecca Briscoe. This Markham family removed from England to Ireland, probably during the Cromwellian period. About 1730 John Markham removed to the United States and settled in Orange county New York, where he married Catherine Mathews. About 1750 he moved his family to Chesterfield county Virginia. He died there in 1770, leaving a Will naming six sons and three daughters.

I have researched on this family for thirty years and I enjoy exchanging information with descendants. Over the years, I have met or corresponded with about twenty descendants of John Markham and Catherine Mathews, but I have never been in touch with a descendant through the male lines, who retains the Markham name.

After careful study, I believe that only two of John Markham's sons may have descendants of the male line who are living today. Those branches are presented here. It would be a great benefit to Markham Family Research to have the results of DNA testing on male descendants of John Markham and Catherine Mathews. If you can help, please contact me.

Pam Garrett  January 2008
Thomas A Markham [markm1935 AT]
Arthur Markham II, b bet 1720-1730, d aft 1791; m c1704 to Unknown
Site: (Entrance)
Judi [sayseabone AT]
Thomas Markham, b 1790 Bedford, Va., d 31 Mar 1854; m Lydia Jeanette Brakefield/Brookfield
I am confident on the line back to Thomas Markham b. circa 1790 Bedford, Va.
I have no idea who his parents are. I know the actors in Bedford at that time but I cannot link him to any of them.

Philip Markham [markham AT]
George Markham, b 1801 Binbrook, Lincolnshire, England, d 22 Apr 1877 Ulceby, Lincolnshire; m Anne Codd
Site: (Entrance) (Lineage)
My 2nd Great-Grandfather George MARKHAM was born in Binbrook, Lincolnshire, England in 1801. He stated his birthplace as Binbrook in the 1851, 1861 and 1871 census and died in Ulceby, Lincolnshire in 1877.
I have not been able to confirm his birth there (or of course his parents) because the records of the 2 churches in Binbrook (St Mary and St Gabriel) are either missing or in bad shape for the years 1800 to 1802.
I am ALMOST sure that he belonged to the family group William MARKHAM (1771-1830) and Jane SEARBY (1770-1830) both of Binbrook, as the naming patterns for George's children fit (first born William, second Jane etc.) and the birth years for the 10 other children of William Markham and Jane Searby leave a gap in 1801.
Binbrook was then only a small village and there were 2 MARKHAM family groups there, no doubt related.
David W. Morgan [dmorgan003 AT]
John Bunyon Markham, b 1819 Tennessee, d Feb 1856, Claiborne Parish, Louisana; m 1843 Noxubee County, Mississippi, Sarah Elizabeth Upshaw.
John Bunyon Markham was murdered by D. J. Morris at Morris's house in Minden, Louisiana in February 1856. The judge let Morris go without charges.
Markham was stabbed in the side and breast and according to the newspaper article, buried at Minden Louisiana, but we haven't found a tombstone as yet.
There is only speculation as to why it happened and consequently why the Judge should let Morris go.
John left five small children, three daughters and two sons; his wife Sarah died in 1902, buried at Post Oak Cemetery, Holland, Bell County, Texas.
John's eldest son was James Monroe Markham, b 1853, Sparta, Bienville Parish, LA, d 1936 Texas, buried Holland, Bell County, Texas; he married Nannie Bell Newman and had eleven children.
The youngest son of James Monroe Markham was Ernest William (Bud) Markham, b 1902, Bell County, Texas, d 1965, Riverside California, buried Holland, Bell County, Texas;
m1 21 May 1921 Canyon, Texas, Rebecca Mae Bassett, b 24 March 1904 near Texola, Oklahoma Territory, d 1989.
Rebecca Mae raised six boys near Erick, Oklahoma, three by her first husband and three by her second. One son is still living.
Ernest William (Bud) Markham also m2 1929 Grace Eileen Davis, and had 2 daughters (both deceased).
The eldest son of Bud Markham and Rebecca Mae was Hubert Donnell Markham, b 23 July 1922 Canyon, Texas, d 31 July 2006, m 17 May 1942 MIldred Sue Barber who died 7 July 1986. Don was adopted by his step-father French Morgan before he got married.
I am the oldest son of Hubert Donnell Markham Morgan.
Carolyn and Jim Markham [Carolyn AT]
Andrew Michael Markham, b 1810 Kilrush, County Clare, Ireland. d 1845 Kilrush, County Clare Ireland; m Bridget
Site: none
Alfred Ernest Markham's wife Julie Anne Ellis came from Ireland to Australia on the ship John Craig at the age of 3.
James Robert Markham, b l937 (grandson of Alfred Ernest Markham) Former Mayor of Waverley, Solicitor, Proctor of Supreme Court of N.S.W.;
had a visitor to his office by the name of Gervase Markham.
"He told Jim that the original Markham served with William the Conqueror 1066 and was given lands in Nottingham and that he was descended from that line and believed that we were too."
John AR Markham [ AT]
Mark Antony (or Anthony) MARKHAM , b bef July 1837, d aft? 1862; m Jane (Grey? or Watt?)
Mark's dates are estimated, nothing more is known of him except that his profession is given as "tailor" on his son's marriage certificate.
At the wedding of Thomas Markham (son of Mark) on 3 Apr 1887, Parish Church of the Holy Trinity, Hoxton, Middlesex, UK, there was a witness by the name of Frederick Markham. It could be assumed that he is a relative, but nothing is known of him.
This Frederick Markham (of adult age in April 1887) could be vital in finding more earlier family.